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It’s a privilege and an honor to support you in designing the business and life you desire. 

As we move on your journey of success together, my commitment is to give you my best coaching and consulting to design and develop the business and life you desire. 

And, to help you create the pathways to  your success delivered in a personal and supportive manner.

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1. New Client Consult
This let’s you and I know where you are at and gives us the ability to create the road map as we join together on the road to your success.

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2. Automated Appointment System
Use our online line appointment system and you can schedule your coaching sessions when it is convenient for you.

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3. Outline of Services and Payment
Coaching involves a minimum of a 90 Day Commitment. We don't make the changes we want in our businesses and lives in one or two sessions.

A firm commitment on your part over an extended period of time to be coached and held accountable for your success is a proven prescription of increasing the probability of having the success you desire.

  • You have decided to be held accountable for your success.
  • You have decided that you are not going to settle for the ordinary.
  • You have decided to be extraordinary
Coaching is the proven way to put the odds heavily in your favor of getting you where you want to go.
  1. The first month is devoted to learning about you, the challenges you want to overcome and creating a vision and goals to overcome these challenges and to move you to the future you want to create.
  2. The Second Month is a continuation of the first month with a greater emphasis on creating a personalized plan for your success.
  3. The Second Month is a continuation of the first month with a greater emphasis on creating a personalized plan for your success.

At the end of the third month we will review your progress and you can choose to continue coaching if you are seeing the benefits.

You may choose to opt-out at any time.

To move you on your fast track to success Appointments are booked on a monthly basis. This includes 3 coaching sessions along with ongoing support and access as the schedule permits.

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Each month is paid in advance.

4. Weekly GPS Tracker
When driving a car it is critical before you start to know where you are headed.  GPS systems in cars will help you reach your destination more easily.  Each week on your journey of success it is important to assess where you are at and what you have accomplished.  Measurement is essential to your progress.  Be sure to complete the GPS Tracker 24 hours before each session.

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Steve Scott is a Master
Entrepreneur and Business
Coach. He specializes
in assisting small business
owners, entrepreneurs and
solo professionals to create
a business and life with more freedom, time and abundance.

"Life asks us to make progress in a reasonable amount of time.  That's why they make those chairs in fourth grade so small.  My goal is to translate responses into results.  Some teachers teach for others to learn.  That's not me.  Some teachers teach for others to accomplish.  That is me."    

Jim Rohn