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Is Small Business Coaching Right For You?

I don't know ... and until you start taking the first steps to explore the possibilities, you won't know either!

I don't know because I can't know "WHO" you are. Coaching success comes from honoring "WHO" you are.

Let's take a moment. What brought you to this page?

Here are some que
stions that get at the heart of what brought you here.

  1. What is the real problem here?
  2. What are the consequences of not solving this problem?
  3. And, if I see that coaching is a way to help solve this problem, am I open to using it to move beyond my problem and to the success I desire?

That pretty much sums it up. It's fairly simple. What is the problem? What are the consequences of not solving the problem? And, are you willing to embrace a solution, coaching, when you know that it can benefit you by helping to solve your problem?

Is it going to make any more sense tomorrow than it does today to invest in your self to have the business and life you desire?

  • You can spend more money but you can't spend more time.
  • Rich or poor we all have 24 hours in a day.
  • Would you like to get more or less out of your 24 hours?
  • Which do you prefer? More or less?
  • What's going to be your performance strategy?
  • The choice is yours.

Steps To Being Coached

  1. If you are interested in taking the first step, click on the Client Log In tab.
  2. Go to number 1….New Client Consult and download a copy to your computer.
  3. Print out the consult.
  4. Answer it completely.
  5. Then call me at 1-866-387-7805. You will get a recording.
  6. Leave your name and number and some good times to call.
  7. I or one of my associates will get back with you to set up a time for a free consultation.
  8. Fax your New Client Consult to 1-936-890-6561 to help me prepare for our call.
  9. We have our call.
  10. You make your decision about committing to being coached to upgrade your business and life.
That's it!

Some Other Thoughts ...

The central question of coaching is: Are you willing to invest time to build the most important asset in your business…YOU?

If you aren't, then coaching isn't for you. That doesn't make you a bad person or a good person. It only means that coaching is not a fit for you.

Here are some other questions that may be helpful to you.

  • What do you want from coaching?
  • Are you stuck in some area?
  • Is your business and life like a treadmill where you can't or don't know how to get off?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed?
  • Are you committed to improvement?
  • Are you willing to be held accountable for your success?
  • What are your expectations of a coach?
  • Are you willing to go to work on yourself in order to become more and have more?

There are many more questions that I am sure you can think of. Whether you are running your own business or starting your own business self-employment is the ultimate challenge.

One of the keys to successful self-employment is to be able to have an exciting vision of the future and to stay focused on it. After all, without a clear vision of the future it is difficult to do the right things in the present.

Coaching and Consulting—The Distinctions

The central question of coaching is: Are you willing to invest time to build the most important asset in your business…YOU?

Business coaching and more specifically, small business coaching is about collaboration. Collaborating to help you create pathways to upgrade your business and your life. A coach helps you create and find ways to create to grow beyond your challenges and to move forward.

You end up doing the implementation of what is created. Here I want to make an important distinction. Coaching and consulting are different.

Consulting usually involves having someone come in with a plan or program and then actually doing the work in the program to get it going and to maintain it. Usually, it is more specific and short term. It focuses on the smaller picture.

Coaching, on the other hand, is about the big picture. Coaching is about advice small business can use not only now, but in the future. It is about creating a performance strategy to give you the steps to business success.

It also may involve business life coaching. Opening a small business and to have your small business running successfully requires attention to your personal life and foundation. In days past people used to think that they could separate the personal side from the business side. Fortunately, most business owners understand that the two are intertwined and that what happens in one will affect the other.

Thank you for your time and interest. I look forward to being with you on your journey of success.


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What Others
Are Saying….

 “I came to you with some very intense issues that could have fractured my business, family and life.  Your insight, intuition and gentle guidance gave me the ability to create successful solutions in all areas.  The best part is that you helped me do this quickly.  Now, I truly appreciate who I am and what I contribute.  The great news is that after I became unstuck many good things have happened.  I recently moved from Texas to Hawaii and started a new business that has enjoyed early success.”   

Stacy Smith ::
Owner Kid Potential-Hawaii

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“Steve helped me achieve what I wanted most for myself!  He helped me focus in on the most important goals in my life and clear away the clutter that distracted me from achieving those goals.  I knew that if I wanted more success I needed to a proven track to follow.  Steve brings to his coaching qualities that from my experience are not readily available.  His depth of experience, sincerity and tenacious approach to my forward progress have enabled me to be more and have more in my business and my life.”

Angelique Grado ::
World Ventures Travel

“Steve has shown the unique ability to be able to positively influence the decisions and actions of the people around him.  He can create a game plan and see it through to the end.  He can balance today’s realities with tomorrow’s hopes and dreams.  His leadership ability allows him to impact others and help them to succeed at there highest level possible.”

Ron Koffman ::
Retired Business Coach