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About Steve Scott

“I have known Steve Scott for over 40 years and I am hard pressed to think of anyone that I trust more and have more respect for. Steve is not only a good friend but someone that is deeply committed to supporting people in attaining what is most important to them in their lives. I coached him to get trained as a coach because that is who he has been his entire life and
now he gets to live his passion working with others to find their bliss and attain new levels of success in
their lives.”


Sandy Vilas, CEO,, MCC


What I Do For Others and How I do It…..

Steve is a Master Entrepreneur and Business Coach and Consultant.  He specializes in teaching entrepreneurs, solo and sales professionals the “how to” of success and keeping what they have gained while increasing the bottom line in their businesses and lives. 

Steve began his career as a consultant at a large metropolitan newspaper.  Over the last 30 years he has started and owned several successful businesses in the retail, service and financial services areas.  He has faced and successfully met the challenges that come with self-employment and growing businesses up to as large as 80 people while creating a lifestyle with more freedom, time and rewards. 

Since 1977 he has consulted or coached entrepreneurs, solo and sales professionals on how to keep their vision of business and life energized.  Throughout his career he has identified the principal challenges facing this group and the workable solutions to overcome these obstacles and to be truly moving forward.  His free Audio Course, “Imprisoned By Progress and The Treadmill Philosophy—The 10 Deadly Mistakes That Entrepreneurs, Solo and Sales Professionals Make And How To Avoid Them” provides the foundation for true forward movement to create the business and life these individuals desire.  

Steve has also written the e-book “Progress Set Free” and designed the “Progress Set Free” Home Study course to accelerate the process of successful performance.  Both give real life guidance to creating pathways for the entrepreneurs, solo and sales professionals to have greater freedom and rewards in their businesses and lives.  In addition he conducts an on line teleclass taking the principals in “Progress Set Free”.

In addition to being an author and coach Steve speaks to groups on how to have their Progress Set Free to design the business and life they want and deserve.


A Note From A Friend…..

Steve has a gift of taking difficult concepts and putting them in a way that I can understand and remember.  For me, his approach and memorable stories have created pathways for greater accomplishment.  Steve has given me a clarity of thought that has helped me see through the fog, and focus on the future.

Bryan Gorrie Retirement and Business Coach


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On a personal note…

Steve feels his life has been blessed by good health and great relationships.  Each day is a gift.  And, by keeping life simple you can enjoy the gift that is life and discover the happiness life has to offer.  He enjoys reading, golf, traveling, skiing and great conversations.  Steve donates his time to Lion’s Club vision screening for the poor and is an active volunteer locally. 


Steve’s Mission Statement

To positively impact the lives of others by helping them through challenges both personal and professional in an atmosphere of camaraderie and care.

Steve’s Most
Cherished Values

  • Integrity
  • Freedom
  • Positive relationships
  • Applied Learning
  • Humor
  • Living a life of purpose
  • Love

His Favorite Quotations:

“Life is an echo.  What you send out comes back.”

“Some people make things happen. Some watch things happen. While others wonder what has happened.”

“The happiest people in the world don’t necessarily have the best of everything.  They just make the best of everything that comes there way.”

“The awesome power and influence of our associations will determine if we live a life of great accomplishment or a life dreaming of great things that were never accomplished.”

Where He Lives…

Steve lives in the country in Willis, Texas about 50 miles north of Houston.
He enjoys the quiet and beauty of the surrounding woods along with the slower pace of life that creates a feeling of added freedom, balance and satisfaction.